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1)a. Cleaning by hand
   a. Prepare the solution with water (preferably around 50℃)
   b. Recommended concentration: 2% (i.e. +/-20g of RBS 25per litre of water).
     (NB) It is very important that the items to be cleaned are completely immersed.
     Total contact of the solution with all the contamined surfaces must be ensured.
     When cleaning small diameter tubes, place the bottom of the tube downwards so that no air bubbles remain.
     Three factors have an influence of the soaking time : the temperature of the solution, the concentration
     of RBS 25 and the tenacity of the stain.
     Effective cleaning depends of regular renewal of the solution.

2) Washing by ultrasonic cleaners
   a. A concentration of 2%(+/-20g per litre of water)is generally sufficient.

3) Rinsing
   a. Rinse immediately after cleaning with tap water or, better still, distilled or demineralised water.
   b. Easily and completely removed by rinsing, RBS25 does not leave of the glassware any trace or invisible
      film likely to interfere with the results of analysis